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The interface is super user-friendly, making it a total breeze to navigate. Shoutout to the Releaso team for creating such a friendly and efficient tool.

Cristian Pelaez

Releaso has significantly streamlined our process of communicating product releases to our customers at SymbolSecurity.

Antonio Pagano
Symbol Security

Using Releaso changed that in a heartbeat. Now we only create a release from GitHub, review the notes that Releaso generates for our product and then publish them for our stakeholders.

Andres Martinez

Automatize. Engage. Amplify.

With powerful features like GitHub integration for automated content generation, subscriber management, and customizable branding options, Releaso empowers you to streamline your workflow and captivate your audience like never before.

Automate your product updates

Releaso automates your workflow by generating and polishing product updates from your text or GitHub integration. Save time and ensure consistent, professional, and engaging updates effortlessly.

Make it your way

Craft a distinct brand experience for your audience. From colors to logos, personalize every aspect of your product updates website to reflect your brand identity. Whether startup or established, Releaso lets you make it your own.

Engage your audience

Releaso transforms your product updates into engaging experiences that inform and inspire. With interactive features like email notifications and reactions, it fosters dialogue and builds a vibrant community around your updates.

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Releaso Floating Bubble

Position a discreet bubble at the bottom right corner of your screen to display real-time product updates.

Banner & Badge

Provide users with a visible yet unobtrusive notification of new releases, ensuring engagement without interruption.

Product Updates Website

Utilize Releaso’s fully customizable website feature to create a dedicated space for showcasing your product updates.

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